Move Out Checklist

Tidy-and-Clean of NC, LLC is known for their professional Move out Services. With Tidy-and-clean we don’t just clean what you DO see but what you DON’T see.

Our 10 point check list ensures that your house is cleaned top to bottom upon moving out or In to any residence.

  1. Kitchen – All Appliances
      a. Refrigerator/Freezer – Inside/behind/top/sides/underneath and shine up front
      b. Stove/bottom stove pan – Inside/behind/top/sides/underneath and shine up front
      c. Cabinets – wipe fronts and wipe out the inside of cabinet
      d. Dishwasher – Inside/sides and shine up face
      e. Sink – garbage disposal – wipe out and shine up
      f. Plug outlets – clean faces
      g. Backsplash – wipe down and shine up
      h. Bar lights – wipe off and shine up
      i. Sweep and mop floors
  2. Bathrooms – disinfect (Sanitize)
      a. Light switches and light fixture
      b. Baseboards – wiped down
      c. Bath tubs/showers – Clean all tile and tubs
      d. Toilets – clean inside, tops, sides and bottom
      e. Cabinets – wipe fronts and wipe out cabinets and drawers
      f. Mirrors – cleaned and shined
      g. Vent over toilet – Swiffer to remove dust
      h. Closet – wipe down shelves and sweep out and mop
      i. Floors – sweep and mop
  3. Bedrooms
      a. Blinds – wipe down/dust
      b. Ceiling Fans – Dust blades and light fixtures
      c. Baseboards – wipe down
      d. Windows – Inside/out of window and track
  4. Windows and Blinds
      a. Dust Blinds
      b. Window sills
      c. Window tracks
      d. Glass door tracks
      e. Window locks
  5. Floors
      a. Hardwood Floors – Mop and shine up with our special hardwood floor cleaner
      b. Tile/laminate – Mop and shine up with our neutral floor cleaner especially for tile and laminate.
      c. Carpet – Vacuum, deodorize (Freshen and refresh) all carpet
  6. Laundry Room
      a. Washer – Wipe out inside/top and sides.
      b. Dryer – clean out and remove lent from dust trap
      Move dryer to remove lent from behind dryer
      c. Baseboards and ceilings – dust and wipe down
      d. Floors – mop floors
  7. Foyer – sweep and mop
      a. Glass door – wipe down and shine up
      b. Blinds – dust
  8. Porch – sweep porch
  9. Deck – sweep deck
  10. Garage – sweep out garage